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With an increase in road fatalities in the country, owing to intoxication, it’s critical during this celebratory season that there is increased awareness to promote sober thinking, sensibility, health, overall wellness and personal safety.

As the artiste GET IT; I am more than just an artiste, you may see my suit and find it humorous, but I am also an activist. An activist of promoting responsible feting behaviours.

I am sure by now, you will realise that its self-explanatory, as BIG BOTTLE refers to a large bottle of water, and thus is synonymous with the mantra of what I am representing here.

It is only with this Life Source- WATER will you be able to prevent road accidents, and unruly and disruptive behaviours often associated with heavy alcohol use and partying.

As an artiste, my goal is to promote sober thinking, sensibility when feting this Carnival, and respect to the water men who ply their drinks daily providing much needed hydration and vitality to the populace.

So, this song I am about to sing here, pays homage to micro entrepreneurs, like the watermen who we refer to as ‘HUSTLERS’ and most importantly SOBER THINKING THIS CARNIVAL.

Music video by Get It performing "Big Bottle" (Audio).

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Get it - Big Bottle | Soca 2023 | Official Audio
In Depth With Dike Rostant - D' Artist Get It
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